Get Connected

We offer many ways to get connected at Central so you can find your place in the family and allow you to grow spiritually and in fellowship with the body of Christ.

Kid Central

The children will start with a time of prayer and worship, followed by an awesome and updated multimedia curriculum lesson. During our Wednesday night service our "Love and Grub" ministry provides dinner for as well as the children. During this time we encourage the kids and staff to sit together and have causal fellowship as you would around your dinner table. We strive to create a loving and fun environment. Hope to see you soon!

Join us Sunday mornings @ 11am or Wednesday evenings @ 7:00pm!!

Encounter Youth

Everything you say and do, every person you meet, and every moment you spend matters. To put it simply: You count - so does every interaction you have in life with God and others. If you are in grades 6th-12th, join us at Encounter on Wednesday nights at 7 pm to find out how to make your life count!

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The Men’s ministry encourages men to grow and become strong in their personal walk with God. It also encourages men to be courageous leaders and fulfill their God given responsibilities in their homes, churches, and communities.This is accomplished through group bible studies, group prayer, one on one mentoring, sports and other outdoor activities, and attending men's conferences.


x-treme Sisterhood

Our theme is "Redeemed". "Put your hope in the Lord, for with the Lord is unfailing love and with him is full redemption". Psalm 130:7

Women's Ministry within the Family at Central Assembly of God is a multi-facet ministry which engages women in small groups and language groups during Sunday School and every other Wednesday morning with specialized Bible Studies. 

Service Ministries (Deaconess Ministry) with meals, prayer, visits, greeting and cards. Deaconess Ministry lifts life's burdens and pours love into lives. 

Tuesday prayer 12:00-1:00 p.m. hour and the Intercessory Prayer Team focusing 1 hour per week on specific targeted areas of prayer. Plus Tina Morales led a 12 week intercessory Prayer Class on Wednesday


Our Project Ministry is with "Assembly of God Family Services Agency". Their mission at AG Family Services Agency includes providing a place of physical, mental and spiritual safety for children, youth, birth mothers, and their infants. This includes a loving, stable home environment with godly values; a strong and encouraging Christian support/family structure; complete medical care; biblical Christian counseling, healthy relationship building; quality education and vocational training opportunities; spiritual development; missions and kids/youth ministry opportunities; as well as funding for college scholarships. 

AGFSA is a voice for life...a godly, meaningful life. They are the Christian solution for American's fatherless children, the orphaned, neglected, sexually abused/exploited and abandoned child or youth. Brochures are at Welcome Desk! 

Saturday conversational breakfasts and specific language groups' fellowships! A special note of thanks to each woman who allowed the Lord to use their leadership within the Women's Ministry at Central Assembly of God. Florence Mestric and Corinne Poplawski have been my right and left arms—thanks sisters! 

Be Blessed,

Pastor Amy McClenithan

Women's Leader

Sunday School

Sunday School is a great place to grow spiritually outside of the sanctuary. Here at Central, we have classes for all ages ranging from Pre-K to full fledged adults! At certain times of the year we have topic based classes ranging from finance, marriage, and currently a "stepping up" class for the men. Come out that hour earlier, we are sure you won't regret it!

Sunday School begins at 9:30 am and ends in time for the worship service at 11 am.

We are starting up our highly anticipated Discipleship classes once again.  To register for discipleship classes, call 610-865-0577 or email us at For more information on our Discipleship classes checkout our Christian Education section. See you at 9:30 am!!

Christian Education

Led by: Alfredo and Alma Sosa

The Christian Education Ministry of Central Assembly of God Church is established for the purpose of making disciples, training leaders, developing counselors, raising up new ministers in the local Church.

Basic Vision Statement: “To become the Cornerstone of Biblical Education for all the Local Church in its internal and external ministries.”

Basic Mission Statement: “To implement Conceptually, Organizationally and Practically the tools of Biblical Education for the purpose of fulfilling Biblical mandate to prepare disciples and the Saints for ministry.”

Biblical Basis: Matthew 22:37-40; Mark 12:28-31 & Ephesians 4:11-14.

Educational Ministries:

- Sunday School: Regular Sunday Courses.

- Discipleship:

       Discipleship I: The Lord and I – “My relationship with the Lord” (Becoming).

       Discipleship II: The Church and I – “My relationship with the Church” (Knowing).

       Discipleship III: The World and I – “My relationship with the World” (Doing).

o Leadership.

       Leadership I: My Life with the Lord – “My spiritual life as a leader” (Becoming as a way of life).

       Leadership II: My Life with the Saints – “My spiritual social standing as a leader in the Church” (Knowing as a way of life).

       Leadership III: My Life with the Ministry – “My spiritual and ministerial calling of the Lord” (Doing as a way of life).

- Counseling and Mentoring.

- Local Church Ministries: Ministers in Training.

- Seminars and Leadership.